From Mrs Margaret WOOD (jomar AT, Australia, June 2005

During a recent search on the web for details of a LORD & LADY LOWNDES who were in India during a time frame of 1895 to 1900, we came across your site…

Our reason for searching your family is that we are also compiling my Grandmothers history. Her maiden name was GERTRUDE ELLEN FORD and she was by occupation a school teacher, and was hired (we think) as a companion help and governess by a Lord and Lady LOWNDES while they were in India. We do not know which city was involved but we have been led to believe that Lord Lowndes was the Lord Chief Justice or of some such high status.

As children we were fascinated by a couple of brass ornaments always kept bright and shiney which stood on my Grandmother’s sideboard. One was a coiled cobra rearing and ready to strike (which I wasn’t quite keen on) the other which I loved was a small brass peacock. My Grandmother told that she got them while in India but that generation seemed to be very tight mouthed about family matters so that is about all we have to go on. So now we are trying to find the link which can give us the facts on that period of her life.

We noted that in your web site there was no mention of any of your LOWNDES being in India but we thought you may possibly know of which Lord and Lady Loundes we are referring to. We do not have their Christian names unfortunately. We presume they returned to England during or because of the Indian uprising.

My Grandmother married Hubert Harry BEST in 1900 in Dorset and they migrated with their family of 5 one of which was my Father 1n 1924.

If anynone can help, please comment here [Mike]


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