From John Brian Gouldsmith, UK, (brian.gouldsmith AT, (2006)

In the Baltimore Sun articles, “The Lowndes Family – Distinguished Statesmen in England and America – Early Colonists To Southern Provinces“, mention is made of a Georgina Mary Frances Selby Lowndes marrying a C. Gouldsenitti. I strongly believe Georgina Mary Frances Selby Lowndes to be my paternal grandmother, b. 1875, who on 8th February, 1900, married my grandfather Charles Cecil Gouldsmith, b. 1875.

I sent an email to the Baltimore Sun asking for more information on the original articles and to check the “Gouldsenitti”, name but they have not replied.

My grandmother’s birth certificate confirms that she was born 18th September, 1875, the daughter of Richard William Selby Lowndes and Elizabeth Frances Howard. At this time they were living at 9, Keble Terrace, St. Giles, Oxford.

I would be most interested to hear your views, particularly whether you agree with my strong belief that the Gouldsenitti name in the Baltimore Sun article is either incorrect or a misprint.

Well, yes, it looks very much like a mistake. Can any US Lowndes provide more information? [MIke]