Clinton Lowndes | September 5, 2007 at 7:43 pm

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A big how are yeh to all the Lowndes out there. Fell on this site and tink its fab. I’m looking into my family tree on and off. Any information regarding our clan in Ireland would be great.

My full name is Clinton Nicholas Michael Lowndes. The Nicholas comes from my grandfather and the Michael from my father. Looking through the antcestors, Nicholas and Micheal seemed favorites. My grandfathers family were from North County Dublin, Swords. They owned most of the land there and like most Lowndes before them they were famers and land owners. I’ve just started doing this so, you’ll have to bare with me. According to my father, our side of the family came from Yorkshire. The real ironic thing of it is, I have being living in Leeds, Yorkshire for the last 15 years and only found this out last year. I was again told, I don’t know if this is true the it was a member of the clergy who sowed his oats in Ireland that started our side!!!! I know from reading documents that there was a Rev. Lowndes in Yorkshire!!! Now I see from what some people are saying that we are decendents of Normans, well this could be true, but again I’ve being told by my family that we were dutch royalty at one time or knights of old!!! My grandfather Nicholas Lowndes had two older brothers, I’ve yet to find out their names, they sold the land in Swords when he was young and like some Lowndes in the clan they drank and gambled most if not all the money. My grandfarther never spoke to them much after that. So, instead of being a famer he had to look for employment and found it at Dublin airport when it opened in 1936, he was one of the first employees there and remained there for the rest of his working life. If you go to the main graveyard in Swords you’ll see all the Lowndes from our clan there. There are two things I would like to know…..1 How our family got to Swords from Yorkshire and 2 How our family got to Yorkshire. Any help welcome.