Odd Rode pedigree errors

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The Lowndes of Odd Rode pedigree published in The Lowndes of Overton Appendix 6 does not seem to show a Hugh who would fit the details of Hugh (J) born about 1636.

However, Astbury Parish records show that on 3.5.1535 a Hugh was baptized the father was Hugh Lowndes of Rode

Assume that this was Hugh (J) and that his father was Hugh of Odd Rode.

The pedigree shown on appendix 6 was compiled from parish records and wills.

The pedigree shown on appendix 6 has very few dates. When I was trying to apply the dates from records, I noticed that the lineage MAY NOT be correct! Please look at it. If Hugh Lowndes (originally of Rode) D. 1599 is of generation 1 (G1), please look at generation 5 (G5):

Edward 1700-1767

John D. 1732 ..Astbury Parish Records show B. 1708

William B.1711

Hugh D. 1754 = Mary Elizabeth B. 1697

Thus the youngest known child was born in 1697, and the father Hugh (G4), who married Elizabeth, would be estimated to have been born 1697-25 = 1675. Hugh B. <1675>

According to appendix 6, the father of Hugh (G4) is Hugh (G3) who was Hugh son of Edward (G2) of Odd Rode, baptised 22/8 1604. A generation gap between G3 and G4 of 71 years!!!!!!!!

Now look at the siblings of generation 4:

William – Astbury Parish Records show B.1636

Edward B. 1626

Thomas B. 1639

Hugh (1675) = Elizabeth does not seem to belong in G4.

Hugh (J) B. 1635 would have appeared in G4 had he not been disinherited?

The Asbury Parish Records show a Hugh baptized 13/1/1672 son of Edward.

Therefore it appears to me that the corrected pedigree is:

G1 Hugh Lowndes
G2 Edward
G3 Hugh B. 1604
G4 William Edward= Margaret Hugh (disinherited?) = Jane Stretch(!) John Thomas

G5 Hugh=Elizabeth (Hugh, son of Edward and Margaret) Liddia?

G6 Edward John William Hugh=Mary Elizabeth= William Delves

I have a copy of the will of Hugh Lowndes D.1680
(Generation 3).

According to the will:

HUGH Lownd (e) s was a yeoman of Odd Rode when the will was written in 1680.

He wished to be buried in Astbury.

His son Edward (the eldest according to parish records) inherited the major part of his estate.

There is reference to Margaret Lownds (wife of my son Edward).

My grandchild Liddia Lownds daughter of my son Edward and my grandchild Hugh son of my son Edward.

Thus the Overton line of inheritance was through Edward and his son Hugh

Son William.

My daughter Jane Lowndes my son Williams’s wife.

My daughter Ammo (Amme?) Maddark (Maddock?)

My daughter Ammo Maddark’s daughter (Mary Maddark).

My son Thomas Lownds.

At the end of the will (after many bequests) the remainder of my goods moneys and chattels. bequest to my two sons John Lownds and Hugh Lownds equally to be divided between them.

I make my aforesaid two sons Hugh Lownds and Thomas Lownds my true and lawful executors.

I suggest that the line of Overton (appendix 6) is incorrect as per the will.


BACKGROUND (Irene Parker-Lowndes)

I am a direct descendant of Matthew of North Rode (de Rode) will dated 1591. I am researching his line, which I believe may not be as detailed in IGI. You may be interested to know that the De Rode (Gawsworth) line may not be linked to the Overton and Sandbach line as detailed in ‘The Lowndes of Overton’ For the time being I am just informing you of my concerns and, if you wish, I will write with more Information.

My main concern is:-

Hugh Lowndes – Errors on the Lowndes of Odd Rode Pedigree appendix 6

If you look at the document on the web ‘Descendants of Christopher Lowndes‘ by Tony Cairnst, there is reference to a:

‘Hugh Lowndes of Gawsworth (not in my family records) who married a Jane Stretch on 2/10/ 1658 at Leek’

As you will see, the identity of this Hugh is important to people of the Quaker faith.

Hugh was a Lowndes family name, and it was proving difficult to determine which Hugh married Jane Stretch because of the conflicting details available. Difficulties also arise because:-

1. There were a number of branches of the family living in the area.

  • The Lowndes of de Rode (after 1591 Gawsworth, North Rode)
  • The Lowndes of Overton
  • The Lowndes of Odd Rode
  • The Lowndes of Sandbach
  • The Lowndes of Leek

2. When the place name Rode (Rood, Road, Roode, Rodde etc.) is documented, it is not certain which place is being referred to as there are so many; Odd Rode, North Rode, Rode Green, etc.

3. Astbury and Gawsworth parish records are missing for the period of the births of the children.

Someone has posted specific details of the births of the children: Batch Number 7433012 Source 0935264 on IGI. This is not from the parish records, so it is important to find the source and discover the exact wording. I am trying to confirm this.

Sources show Hugh born variously in 1635, 1636, Gawsworth and Astbury. The one in the Astbury Parish records is more likely to be of the Odd Rode line and not of Gawsworth.

I re-checked the parish records.

Astbury records show a baptism on 3/5/1635 of a Hugh Lowndes whose father was Hugh Lowndes of Rode. However, this was probably Hugh Lowndes of Odd Rode not one of the Rodes near Gawsworth. If you look at the family tree of the Lowndes of Odd Rode you will see that there is a Peter Lowndes in the second generation who had a daughter Ann – in the parish record she is recorded as having been baptised on 30/11/1604 and her father was Peter of Rode.

I confirm the gaps in the parish records of Gawsworth and Astbury for the period during which the children of Hugh Lowndes and Jane Stretch were baptised.

I am wondering if Rode, Gawsworth may be a bit of a ‘red herring’! Hugh may have been ‘Of Gawsworth’ when he married or had children baptized but that does not confirm that that was where he was born.

The obvious place to look for the ancestors of Hugh Lowndes (Hugh (J)), who married Jane Stretch, is the Odd Rode branch of the family, due to the common occurrence of the family name Hugh.

At this point I discovered the errors.

Irene Parker-Lowndes


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