From Patricia Johnson, Louisiana, USA

I am descended from Samuel Pleasant Lownds/Lowndes/Lownes born 13 July 1816 supposedly in Virginia, possibly Red Bank.
He married on 29 Sept 1844 to a Julia C. born in Alabama.  Samuel died 7 January 1903 in Village Springs, Alabama, a town which no longer is on the map.
In one census record he is listed as a buggy maker.  They had at least one child, Mary Emma Lownes born 12 Oct 1845 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  She first married William Henry Sanborn and they were supposedly divorced.  He died as the result of a shooting accident so he might have died instead of their being divorced.
Mary Emma did marry a second time to a David Arrowsmith and was living in New York City in 1880 census.  She died 28 Aug 1928.
My ancestor is a daughter of Mary Emma and William Sanborn.
In the (USA) Lowndes family history, I found mention of a Samuel Pleasants Lowndes, the son of Caleb and Jane (Steel), who was the son of James & Sarah (Pancoast) Lowndes.
Patricia would appreciate any light anyone could shed on this family and if her Samuel is the same Samuel as in the USA Lowndes narrative – Mike

Pat | July 19th, 2007

Hello all,I’m the “Pat” that started the page for Lowndes–

Still looking for information on:
Lowndes family living in St. George Parrish Surrey 1863—John (aka Alexander John Julius) father Samuel. John was born in Marseilles France and joined the Royal Horse Guard 1863—immigrated to the US in 1866—anyone have any information on the family in that area or other areas?


From Gail Ann Hodges Levis | glevis AT

(copied from comment)

Furiously working to get ready for research trip to Philadelphia and surrounding counties for our elusive Levis connection.Mifflin Levis (Butler Co., PA who settled in Tama Co., IA) is my husband’s direct line. I’ve found Mifflin’s father Curtis and grandfather John but am looking for more pieces to the puzzle. Tonight I found a reference in George B. Lownes will (Delaware Co, PA) which mentions Levis and Pancoast names. Especially Curtis Levis sone of Edward.

I’ll be delighted to send along my Levis results, if you think we fit into your clan. Might be too early to know that yet!

From John Brian Gouldsmith, UK, (brian.gouldsmith AT, (2006)

In the Baltimore Sun articles, “The Lowndes Family – Distinguished Statesmen in England and America – Early Colonists To Southern Provinces“, mention is made of a Georgina Mary Frances Selby Lowndes marrying a C. Gouldsenitti. I strongly believe Georgina Mary Frances Selby Lowndes to be my paternal grandmother, b. 1875, who on 8th February, 1900, married my grandfather Charles Cecil Gouldsmith, b. 1875.

I sent an email to the Baltimore Sun asking for more information on the original articles and to check the “Gouldsenitti”, name but they have not replied.

My grandmother’s birth certificate confirms that she was born 18th September, 1875, the daughter of Richard William Selby Lowndes and Elizabeth Frances Howard. At this time they were living at 9, Keble Terrace, St. Giles, Oxford.

I would be most interested to hear your views, particularly whether you agree with my strong belief that the Gouldsenitti name in the Baltimore Sun article is either incorrect or a misprint.

Well, yes, it looks very much like a mistake. Can any US Lowndes provide more information? [MIke]