Lowndes pedigree

Finally on my way to Aylesbry Record Centre today, hopefully to photograph the Lowndes Family Roll:

  • Pedigree of the Lowndes family, 1066-1862.  D-LO/5/12 1066-1862

May take me some time to get it on the site, though!

The raw image files will be quite large (8MP camera), so if anyone would like to donate some online  disk space, please let me know.


3 thoughts on “Lowndes pedigree

  1. My last name is Lowndes and I’m from the America’s. I’d love to chat with you more Ann. I’m not sure where, how, or if our line meets but I’d welcome the opportunity to find out.


  2. RE: Facebook invitation of the Lowndes Surname: My interest is George Alan Lowndes previously CLAYTON until he took his mother’s cousin’s Lowndes surname and continued with the line.. He was the son of William Clayton of Lostock Hall, Lancashire and Mary Gorst—His grandfather was George Clayton and his mother was Dolly Clayton—and I have researched them extensively.

    In trying to access this site that you nicely invited people to go onto, I found I was unable to join it –apparently because my last name isn’t Lowndes or that I need a special invitation–not really sure but it sure didn’t let me in.

    I would truly like to meet up with those who are in direct descent of George Alan Clayton Lowndes and would love to share some GREAT information about George’s family history–with the Clayton’s…

    I would like also to know if any of George’s descendents are in America or if that particular line has run it’s course…

    Could you please email me with a comment on this?.. Surely if someone’s surname is not Lowndes and you do not allow them access you may be missing out on receiving alot of information from an allied line…thank you

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