Robert Lowndes pedigree (1602)

Robert Lowndes (d 1602)
m. (1576) Jane Croke
1. William Lowndes (b 1585, d 06.10.1654)
m. (27.10.1612) Frances Wendowver
A. Edmund Lowndes (b 1617, d after 1657, to Virginia and North Carolina)
B. Robert Lowndes (b 1619, d 01.1683, to America but returned to England)
m1. Margaret Selby
i. Margaret Lowndes
m. John Lowndes of Jamestown, Virginia
m2. Elizabeth FitzWilliam (dau of Peter FitzWilliam)
ii. William Lowndes (Secretary of the Treasury)
m1. Elizabeth Harsnett (d 1680, dau of Sir Roger Harsnett)
a. Robert Lowndes of Winslow (b 26.10.1680, d 1727)
m. Margaret Atcherley (d 1728, dau of Richard Atcherley)
(1) Richard Lowndes of Winslow, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (a 1742)
m. Essex Shales (dau of Charles Shales of London by Anne Barrington)
(A) William Lowndes, later Selby-Lowndes of Winslow and Whaddon (d 1813)
m. (1766) Mary Goostrey (d 1786, dau of Thomas Goostrey of London)
(i) William Selby-Lowndes of Whaddon (d 18.05.1840) had issue
m. (25.08.1806) Ann Eleanor Isabella Hanmer (d 30.04.1852, dau of Rev. Graham Hanmer of Hanmer)
(ii)+ 3 sons and 5 daughters
(2) Margaret Lowndes apparently of this generation
m. (19.04.1701) John Edwards of Ness Strange (Great Ness) (b 19.04.1701, d 02.06.1775)
(3)+ 10 others
m2. (1683) Jane Hopper (d 1685)
b. Anne Lowndes (b 1684)
m3. Elizabeth Martyn (d 1689, dau of Richard Martyn)
c. William Lowndes of Astwood Bury (d 1775)
m. (1711) Margaret Layton or Laynes
(1) William Lowndes, later Lowndes-Stone (b 1712, dvp 1773)
m. (1744/7) Catharine Lowe (d 1789, dau of Francis Lowe of Baldwyn Brightwell)
(A) William Lowndes of Astwood and North Crawley, later Lowndes-Stone of Brightwell Park (b 1750, d 05.1830)
m. (1775) Elizabeth Garth (dau of Richard Garth of Morden)
(i) William Francis Lowndes-Stone of Brightwell Park, Sheriff of Oxfordshire had issue
m. (03.10.1811) Caroline Strickland (d 11.04.1867, dau of Sir William Strickland, Bart of Boynton)
(ii) Richard Lowndes-Stone, later Garth of Morden (b 1790) had issue
m. Mary Douglas (d 1849, dau of Rev. Robert Douglas of Salwarpe, Worcestertershire)
(iii) Elizabeth Lowndes-Stone (d 20.11.1865)
m. (1799/06.06.1802) John Fane of Wormsley, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b 09.07.1775, d 04.10.1850)
(iv) Catharine Lowndes-Stone
m. (1812) Rev. J. Holland of Aston
(v) Anne Lowndes-Stone
m. (1822) William H. Sharpe of London
(vi) Mary Lowndes-Stone
m. (1812) Edward Jodrell (son of Richard Paul of Nethercot)
(vii)+ other issue – Henry (b 1795, to America), Clara (d young unm)
(B) Catharine Lowndes (b 1747)
(2) Richard Lowndes (RN, 6th son)
m. (1751) Bridget Dalston (dau of William Dalson of Great Salkeld)
(A) Richard Lowndes of Rose Hill, Dorking (b 04.10.1756, 2nd son)
m. (12.04.1787) Rebecca Brougham (dau of Henry Brougham of Brougham Hall)
(i) Henry Dalston Lowndes (b 1789) had issue
m. Sarah Lowe (dau of William Lowe)
(ii) William Loftus Lowndes (b 04.1793)
m. (28.02.1818 ) Eliza Cox (dau of Samuel Crompton Cox)
(iii) Rebecca Lowndes
m. James Randall
(B)+ other issue – William (b 05.1752, d unm 1828), 2 daughters (d infant)
(3) Henry Lowndes (b 1723, dsp)
m. (1751) Mary Magdalen Arnold (dau of Edward Arnold)
(4)+ other issue (d unm) – Layton (d 1747), John (d 1756), Robert, Charles, Thomas (rector of North Crawley), Edward (d infant), Margaret (d 1747)
d. Elizabeth Lowndes (b 1688, d 1712)
m. Thomas Duncombe
m4. Rebecca Shales (dau of John Shales)
e. Charles Lowndes of Chesham (Secretary of the Treasury)
m. (1691) Anne Shales (dau of Charles Shales by Anne Barrington)
(1) William Lowndes of Chesham
m. Lydia Mary Osborne (dau of Robert Osborne)
(A) William Lowndes of Chesham (d 1831) had issue
m. Harriet Wilson Kingston (dau of John Kingston of Rickmansworth)
Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was …
f. Clara Lowndes
m. Peter Leheup of London
(1) Mary Leheup (b 1732-3, d 19.01.1780)
m. Richard Garth of Morden (b 1714, d 1787)
2. Robert Lowndes (dvpsp)
m. Alice Spooner

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Selby-Lowndes formerly of Whaddon) with input from BLG1952 (Lowndes-Stone-Norton of Brightwell Baldwin), supported by Commoners (vol iii, Lowndes-Stone of Brightwell Park), and some input from BLG1952 (Frith-Lowndes of Beel House)


22 thoughts on “Robert Lowndes pedigree (1602)

  1. Hi again, Anthony. I was responding to the lineage above, itself. If you look at 1 B c. (1) (A) vii, above, it says + other issue, Henry (b. 1795) to America. My comment was regarding what happened to Henry. He married and had 3 daughters and died in 1871. We have some letters between him and his older brother William from 1852 – 1857, census reports from 1850 & 1870 and a copy of his death certificate. Hope this clarifies my comment.

  2. If you look at the tree above and find 1, B, c. (1) (A) vii, it says + other issue, Henry (b. 1795) to America. This Henry was the one I was providing the information about. He was my 3rd gg, his daughter Catherine married George Crolius, they had a son George, he had a daughter Phoebe, my grandmother. I don’t have a link showing this, except for what is on my tree. I have been sharing information with some 2nd cousins and we have found some family letters, between Henry and his brother William in which he mentions at least one daughter’s last name. Otherwise we have his death certificate, the 1850 & 1870 census reports, etc. Good to hear from you.

  3. Hi Janet, I believe I am not the person you were responding to, but I am intrigued by the info you provided. Can you send me a link to the information you are referring to so I may look at it myself? Thanks!

  4. Hi, I have recently found this site and wow what a wealth of Lowndes information. I have maternal Salopian roots. My 5th great grandmother married into the Withington family from Shifnal. I believe that her family were from Rocester Staffordshire. I do not know if this family link back to the Overton Lowndes and I wondered if anyone could help please?
    Best wishes Sue

  5. Hi Anthony,
    I responded 3 years ago, saying “I am the 3rd great granddaughter of Henry Owen Lowndes (1795 – 1871) who went to America. He married Sarah Ann Trumball and had 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Catherine.” What may not have been clear is that Henry was the son of William Lowndes and Elizabeth Garth. Your tree shows they had 6 children, but my research found 8, including your 6 and Henry & Clara (who died young). I am also directly related to Clara (?-1773), the daughter of William (1652 – 1724) and possibly Rebecca Shales, and wife of Peter Leheup, whom you have as “possibly of this generation.” This connection ties in because Clara’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Garth (1757-1837) married the grandson of William (1688-1775) and Margaret Layton, William Lowndes Stone Norton (1750 – 1830), meaning they were 2nd cousins, although the grandparents were only 1/2 brother/sister, so I’m not sure if there 1/2 2nd cousins!
    Anyway, hope this makes sense to you, if not please ask.

  6. JENNIFER: just saw and realized that your post immediately followed my own. Please contact me at your leisure, my info is in the last post.

  7. Anthony Lowndes checking in again. Its been six years since the first time I posted on this site. Sadly not a single person has responded to any of my posts. I am extremely interested in finding more of my expansive family, any new contacts would be greatly cherished. My email address is which is also my primary telephone number. Looking forward to hearing from you… BTW I recently was introduced to the Lowder family Crest which I have been told is the crest of the Lowndes. I have images of this crest if it is needed!

  8. Lowndes

    You list of Lowndes corresponds
    With my direct family.

    I am not able to respond fully for a couple of days as I am moving house .
    I am very interested in following up with you

  9. Trying to track down relatives of a L owndes who married in Prince Albert .Saskatchewan.I believe her name was Emiley cole

    Later had a daughter Prisella inthe States

  10. I am the 3rd great granddaughter of Henry Owen Lowndes (1795 – 1871) who went to America. He married Sarah Ann Trumball and had 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Catherine.

  11. Hi

    Any of you guys connected to Alfred Robert Oakley Lowndes born 1849 in Marylebone London?

    Please get back to me if you can tell me who his father was.



  12. Hey I’m another Lowndes, and I am looking around just to see if our family was involved in the founding of any towns or other places? And how many are out there of our family? If you would like to contact me I must add that I am only 14. Thankyou

  13. Hello. I’m looking for the Lownds family crest (or Lowndes if they are the same thing).

    If anyone has this and can send via email, you can reach me at


  14. percy great grand father. had a daughter miriam & 2 sons. miriam lowndes my nana. became miriam hall. cathy lowndes is my second cousin. not married yet. nana hall had 2 girls & a boy. my mother married alan stupples. i am garrick stupples.

    is craig lowndes related to us?

  15. I am trying to establish how an Elizabeth Lowndes (b. abt 1746) fits in to the Lowndes family. She married Thomas Jephson Esq. of the parish of St. Giles, Camberwell, on 21 Dec 1767. Both were 21 at the time. She is also referred to as being of that parish.

  16. I am trying to trace the connection between the Loundes and the Skellhorne family. We have found a record of a Parnell Loundes marries a Richard Skellhorne in about 1580. However we can not find out which branch of the Loundes family she belonged to, we think she belongs to the Odd Rode branch. Can anyone confirm this?



  17. I am a lowndes trying to do some research on my family history to find my birth father, can you help? my telephone # is 786-315-8610. thanks!

  18. Found this very interesting. I have recently been doing some research for a friend, Arthur B Lownes & his 3 daughters.

    I beleive that I have his line, strting in Overton, Astbury Cheshire back to 1138…much further back than I have managedd to trace by birth name!
    Regards Joan

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