From Gareth Griffiths, UK (August ’05)

I am a member of SouthCheshire Family History Group and Gwynedd FHS too. I am researching the Turnock/Tunstall family living at Colclough Estate in Goldenhill.

Thomas Tunstall Esq had 2 sons and 2 daughters one of whom, Sophia Tunstall married Revd John Lowndes and Sophia and John lived for a time at Colclough House.Last week I went to the County Record Office at Stafford and from Sophias wills and the Lowndes family papers I noted that this John Lowndes had 2 brother William and Thomas, I have a 95 page document in MSWord running on my current research in which I have connected over 70 families.

Sophias estate was subdivied between 5 of the Tunstalls and I have these xeroxes already.

Now as Goldenhill isnt that far from Astbury (abt 5 miles) presumably John Lowndes is related to the Lowndes of Overton family?
There are many Lowndes graves in Wolstanton parish churchyard to the left of the gate as one enters the churchyard, many large graves with lots of MIs on – maybe worth a further look for you sometime?
Do John, William and their brother Thomas fit into any tree?

I do not have time to follow this up so if any of you do, please comment here [Mike]


2 thoughts on “From Gareth Griffiths, UK (August ’05)

  1. Just read your comments about the Lowndes family tree.My name is John Hibbert,and I went to Congleton boys secondary modern school.I remember there was a boy in my school name Elwyn Lowndes who would be a year older than me,so he would be 73 years old this year (2017).I only know that he had red hair and lived somewhere near St James church area,which is only across the road from Overton House.My email address is

  2. hello My name is Kevin Lowndes I’m from Ecuador … My great grandfather comes from UK we dont know where exactly part or city he come… so if you want know something about us please write to this e-mail direction: .

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