Here we go.

Lowndes ArmsNothing here yet, we’re brand new. This site really has a long history, however.

I began the Lowndes website in October 1995 and people have been writing to me ever since with comments, requests for research I had no time to do etc. I’d take these emails and post them to the website. All very static and old-web.

So, from now on, no need for email.

I’ll post here occasionally, but if you’re a Lowndes and want to blog on the name history please get in touch and I’ll add you to the contributor list.

Harcore genealogists may prefer to use the forum:


4 thoughts on “Here we go.

  1. Hi Mike

    I am still searching for any information concerning my great grandfather Samuel John Lowndes who left from Plymouth, England in 1876 on board the Erato to South Australia and was 29yrs at the time. Would be grateful if anyone has any information about him.. know his fathers name was Thomas.


  2. Hi Penny, Melissa.
    Thanks for these. I hope that Lowndes’s around the world can help with your queries. I try to do about 2 major research ‘sessions’ a year, so over Christmas I’ll have a look for your info about your grandfather, Penny.

  3. Hello! My grandfather was Clifford Lowndes, i’ve previously sent you an e-mail that was posted on your site. I just wanted to say that i believe the blog is a wonderful idea! Thanks for thinking about it! Every little bit helps….

  4. I was wondering if you have come across a Samuel John Lowndes in your research.

    Oral history has it that my great grandfather Samuel John Lowndes was sent over to Australia 1876 on remittance by his wealthy family for being an alcoholic and the name was changed to Lown and cut off from his family in England .( Shipping records says he was around 29yrs when he came to Aust.)I have not been able to find any info on this character and would appreciate any help or pointers you can give me
    Penny Street (nee Lown)

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