Lowndes Roll

The Lowndes Roll is now online for your perusal at


lowndes roll

Archive number D\LO\5\12 .  The Pedigree was comissioned/created by a member of the Selby-Lowndes family in 1862 and bought by the Archive in 1957. The Lowndes archive is catalogued in the National Archives, here


You will quickly see that it is far from finished. Though the main lines are present, many details are noted in pencil and some colouring remains incomplete.

The Pedigree and other things in the Ayelsbury archive relate to the Chesham branch of the family who arrived c.16th. It also concerns the Winslow branch of the family, and subsequently Lowndes-Stone of Brightwell Park, Oxfordshire. There’s plenty more in the archive I may return to, including a collection of C18th recipies, and documents recording the building of the Lowndes estate in Knightsbridge, London – by Thomas Cubitt (1788-1855), when this was a ‘green field’ area.

A related pedigree:
Another pedigree:


3 thoughts on “Lowndes Roll

  1. So glad to have found this page, i had a great grandmother by the maiden name of Mary Jane Lowndes, she lived in Sutton St Helens, and married A Robert Fowles from sutton about 1887, she had about 6 children and 4 that survived, from about 1900, i once found that she came from Oldcastle in Ireland, and i think her Dad was James, i have no information about her mother at all, is there anyone out there that can help, Bob, here great grandson..
    oh! i did hear that she had a brother living in Patricroft nr Manchester if that hels.

  2. Have just seen the Pedigree Lowndes Roll on line and am quite amazed at the project – what a huge amount of work has gone into creating this record. Mike I am sure you would have enjoyed seeing the Pedigree Roll – if ever I get to England I will certainly be making my way to view the parchment record.

    I have been working on my husband’s family the Kay Family from Radcliffe Lancashire for the past 12 months so just getting back to my own family history.

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