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FLORENCE NORTON,  born 1871 Auckland, died 1923 England (Probably Buckinghamshire) widow of lord Edwin Abercromby Dashwood, 8th Baronet of West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, married Colonel WILLIAM SELBY-LOWNDES, JP, born 1871 of Selby House, Bletchley, B’hamshire in 1894.
After his death she married, in 1910, ALFRED RONALD GILBEY, son of Alfred Gilbey of Wooburn House, B’hamshire.
Sol’s question is, if anyone has any information on her daughter of her first marriage, Florence Emily Dashwood born 1890?
In my papers drawn up by a relative in NZ there is a Diana Selby-Lowndes, born 1909. Is she a daughter or daughter-in-law?
Thank you in advance.
Sol Norton

5 thoughts on “from Sol Norton

  1. Anyone have a photo of Florance? She married at least twice so wondering if I can find a picture. Anyone have any information about her uncle William Bliss Norton? or any of his children? I’m related to Marion Kate Norton.

    Thanks for you time,

  2. Anyone have history around Sir Edwin Abercromby Dashwood and his wife Florance? My family relation is the cousin of Florance named Marion Kate Norton. Her and all of her sisters and brothers were sent to Canada one day and I would like to learn the story. If you know any details about these people message me back.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. To Peter Bacos. Sorry for taking so long to answer to comment and I apologize for the ‘lord’ mistake. I haven’t got much knowledge of the English titles. Have you got more info on Maggie Stewart and her family? I am missing Augustus Norton’s birth dates (born yr 1869, Dargaville, NZ), also missing Maggies birthdates (born yr 1878 in Glasgow, Scotland) her parents names and when she arrived in New Zealand. I know she married again after Augustus’ death to Patrick Daly. I have a little bit of information on their 12 children and an old photo of him with 8 of the children. Child no 5, Frederic Augustus Pentland Norton (Gus) is my husband’s paternal grandfather. Looking forward to hearing from you one day. Cheers, Sol Norton.

  4. Sir Edwin Abercrombie Dashwood was only a baronet, so should not be referred to as a lord. Florence Norton had a brother, Augustus Neville Norton whom my great aunt Margaret Halliday Stewart married in 1899.

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