Cheshire Lowndes – from Robert Leigh

The names that appear in my Lowndes family tree are
Randle Lowndes also spelt Lounds who died in Moulton, Cheshire in 1704, his son
Roger Lowndes also spelt Lounds who died in Moulton, Cheshire in 1712 and
Thomas Lowndes spelt Lownds who died in 1686 in Moulton, Cheshire who is the father of Randle Lowndes and grandfather of Roger Lowndes.
I know that certain christian names in families are passed down from generation to generation because i have seen Randle, Roger and Thomas mentioned in the Lowndes of Overton family and wondered if my Lowndes family branch could be connected, I know from their Wills that they were classed as Yeoman.
Catherine Lowndes daughter of Richard Lowndes (spelt Lounds) married Samuel Fluitt in 1698 in Frodsham, Cheshire and when Samuel Fluitt died in 1718 he is classed as a Gentleman in his will so must have been doing well.
I wondered if you have come across these Lowndes family members in your research who lived in the Moulton and Davenham areas of Cheshire.
Below is my direct family tree to the Lowndes family:
10 x great Grandfather Thomas Lowndes died 1686 Moulton, Cheshire
9 x great Grandfather Randle Lowndes died 1704 Moulton, Cheshire
8 x great Grandmother Catherine Lowndes (her christening should be recorded at St Wilfred Church, Davenham, which was the main church for Moulton) married Samuel Fluitt
7 x great Grandfather Randle Fluitt ch 1699 Frodsham, Cheshire married Ann Fulwood
6 x great Grandmother Ann Fluitt ch 1726 Frodsham, Cheshire married John Earl
5 x great Grandmother Catherine Fluitt Earl ch 1759 Frodsham, Cheshire married Thomas Pownall
4 x great Grandmother Maria Pownall ch 1788 Manchester, Lancashire married William Gough
3 x great Grandmother Maria Gough ch 1830 Stockport, Cheshire married James Dean
2 x great Grandmother Elizabeth Dean born 1852 Stockport, Cheshire married James Whittaker
Great Grandmother Sarah Ellen Whittaker born 1873 Stockport, Cheshire married Joseph Leigh
Grandfather James Leigh born 1909 Stockport, Cheshire married Ann Howard
Father James Leigh born 1930 Stockport, Cheshire married Joyce Wallace
Robert Leigh born 1962 married Sheila Mooney

7 thoughts on “Cheshire Lowndes – from Robert Leigh

  1. my grandfather and his sister robert and dorothy lowndes as far as i no came from ireland to south wales uk during the war.

  2. my grand father as far as i no is from ireland robert lowndes he also found his sister dorothy lowndes here in south wales uk.

  3. I am a Lownds and live in Wharton.My fathers side were Lownds’s n.b. rarer spelling. and were also from Wharton

  4. There is a Lowndes family in Ecuador since early 1900, I am merried to Sofia Lowndes, her grand father was born in England and moved to Ecuador in the early 1900 to work in the railroad Co. and Oil Co. His name was Robert Lowndes and my wife father was named Robert also. My wife is very happy reading all yours coments and learning more about her family.

  5. My mother was Joyce Yoxall, her father was Thomas Yoxall born 5/10/1888 in Congleton. His father was George Edward Yoxall born circ 1865. His father and mother was Thomas Yoxall circ 1838 in Congleton, married to Mary Lowndes born 19/8/1840 in Wheelock, Congleton. Her father was Thomas Lowndes circ 1819 in Congleton.

    I found a Thomas Lowndes in the Congleton cemetary died June 10th 1882 age 61 but not checked this out with the cemetary office as yet.

    Do you think there is any link to your family?

  6. I’m trying to fill some gaps in the tree of the SC branch of Lowndes. My ggmother was Margaret Washington Lowndes of Charleston, SC (1869-1955), whom I remember fondly. I am looking for info on two generations: Charles Lowndes, the ninth child of John Lowndes(1625-1667) who married Jane Welde in about 1644. Charles was born in Middlewich on 6 December 1658, and he married Sarah in 1679, who had been born about 1662. Does anyone know her surname? Does anyone know when they died? I think Charles was alive in 1690, as he was mentioned in his sister’s will. Did Charles and Sarah have any other children?

    His son was also Charles, who was born in Sandbach in 1680-1681. This latter Charles ended his life in Charleston, SC in 1736, after spending a number of years in St. Kitts. Two of his sons remained in SC, including Rawlins (my line) and Charles. Both were prominent.

    His wife was Ruth Rawlins of St. Kitts, daughter of Henry Rawlins, a planter. She moved bach to St. Kitts with one of her sons and she died in 1763. Does anone have info about Henry Rawlins.

    We try to keep the name alive in SC. My niece just named her baby girl Lowndes. She’s quite a cute package.

    Doug McKay

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