From Anthony Maxwell (copied from comment)

Dear Mike…

In your research of the history of the Lowndes Family have you ever come across the three Rev Matthews Lowndes of Buckfastleigh in Devon? The 1st, circa 1750 -1825, the 2nd, 1787-1856 and the 3rd, 1834-1911. If so, do you happen to know where the first of them came from and who his family were.

My third cousin, Matthew R. Lowndes is the sixth known Matthew in this line. The third vicar was married to a Maxwell which is where I come in.

Kind regards
Anthony Maxwell


I can’t help Anthony – can any of you?



6 thoughts on “From Anthony Maxwell (copied from comment)

  1. For the incident at Valley Forge, I believe it’s mentioned in the papers of George Washingon, which I believe are online. You might also look into the papers of Aaron Burr as I believe he defended Maxwell in his court marshall. You should check the NY Historical Society and maybe the NJ Historical Society for relavant records.

    My Maxwells were from NYC and at that place prior to 1767. The name Anthony runs through generations of my Maxwell line and I hope to someday to connect Anthony of Valley Forge with my Maxwells

    I’m think this Anthony was born in America—the only source I know that gives his POB as Scotland comes from applications to D.A.R. by later generations.

    I’d be greatful for any new information you might uncover.
    Happy Hunting,
    Jim Maxwell

  2. Hey Gayle!

    You are indeed correct that Anthony Maxwell married Eve Platner on that date. This was confirmed by Pension Applications for both Eve and Anthony Maxwell based on his service in the Continental Army. He’s actually quite an ancestor to have as he was promoted through the ranks from Sergeant to Lieutenant, and was with General Washington’s Army at Valley Forge for the horrible winter of 1777-1778. His widow Eve Maxwell died on 3 July 1860, presumably in New York City.

    I’m working on a potential paper for a journal based on an incident Anthony Maxwell was involved in while at Valley Forge, but I’m not sure if it will come to much as there’s little original source material for it as yet. At present your ancestor will likely wind up being the central focal point as I’m finding so little information on the other individuals. I’ve had no luck finding them with any certainty on the 1790 through 1860 Federal Censuses and would LOVE any information on that you could provide me, especially names of children and such. Your ancestor was quite a man, and his service would certainly qualify for hereditary societies such as Daughters of the American Revolution, Cincinatti, and Valley Forge.


  3. Just saw the note about the Matthew Lowndes vicars. My father was a Matthew Russell Lownds and his father was named Matthew Russell Lownds. My understanding is the name had been passed down by previous generations. I am curious to look back further now. The Matthew Russell stopped with my father although my brother was named Shaun Matthew in order to continue the Matthew name. I have a son who also has Matthew in his name.

    I wonder if we are connected to the John who may have come to Canada. I will try to find birth records for the family.

  4. Regarding the Mathew Lowndes -VIcars of Buckfastleigh-Devon
    My father Edmund Cecil Lowndes gave me a family tree that shows the 3 vicars the last one being my grandfather- The first vicar Mathew born 1752 died 1825 was the son of Thomas Lowndes that is on the tree corresponding to Lowndes of Arthurlie and Rio. Also this document shows that Mathew (the last VIccar had 3 sons: One Arthur who died in 1937 (the year I was born Second Mathew Born June 15 1865 died June 14, 1939 married to Mabel Getrudis Noel( daughter of Bruce Byron Noel and Amy Elford Adams and Third John who figures as living in Canada
    I visited Buckfastleigh a few years ago and was shocked to fing out that 2 months before my visit the church had been destroyed by fire.

  5. I think your Anthony Maxwell may be linked to mine. My ancestor was Anthony Maxwell who was born at New York City in 1803. His parents were Joseph Maxwell, born c1775, and Margaret Laycock, born 1781. I believe Both the Maxwells and Laycocks belonged to Reformed Dutch Chuch, and both lived at New York City as well as Westchester Co.

    I SUSPECT the father of Joseph Maxwell was either Enoch or William Maxwell, who were both born near Smithfield, PA to Anthony Maxwell and Eve Freeland.

    I think Anthony and Eve Freeland Maxwell probably moved to New York State circa mid-1750s. Son Enoch seems to have been in the militia at NYC c1776 and married Mary Barker c1780; he may be the Enoch Maxfield of the 1790 Census. If he is my ancestor then he probably had an earlier wife if these dates are right.

    NOTE–Most of this is all my recent cobbled assumptions, built on more then 15 years of looking. There is additional circumstancial clues connecting our MAXWELLs with more names and near locations, but too much here to get into. Perhaps I will have all more organized in the near future. Please contact me. Thanks!

  6. I have an Anthony Maxwell in my family tree and I am looking for more information Can you help?
    Born 12 Dec 1754
    in Scotland
    Died 24 May 1825
    of Hudson, , New York, USA
    Married 17 Dec 1791 to Eva Platner in New York.

    thank you for your time in this matter.

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