My family tree

Finally, after 12 years of the Lowndes web site, it has happened. A distant relative, Bob Lowndes in my father’s home town of Wrexham, contacted me via the site. He has helped me hugely to extend my family tree, which I now keep up to date on Genesreunted, with a copy on The Genersreunited tree has started collecting links, and it looks like I’ll continue to make progress. The latest simple view of the tree is here. Thanks Bob!


2 thoughts on “My family tree

  1. Hi there

    I’ve just found this site, having started some family research this week. I wondered if your William Lowndes, born 1805 was the brother of Peter Lowndes born around 1806? Peter worked as a tailor and draper in Salford. He had a son, Alfred, born 1836, who also worked as a tailor and woollen draper. Alfred had around 8 children, among them Alfred Barry born 1862. He married into the Brodie family, cotton manufacturers in Manchester, and they had a son, Douglas Brodie, father to my mother, Unity BarryLowndes. The Lowndes line in our family ended when she died in 2005.

  2. Congratulations on finding a family link, it’s a great feeling when that happens!

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