Clinton Lowndes | September 5, 2007 at 7:43 pm

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A big how are yeh to all the Lowndes out there. Fell on this site and tink its fab. I’m looking into my family tree on and off. Any information regarding our clan in Ireland would be great.

My full name is Clinton Nicholas Michael Lowndes. The Nicholas comes from my grandfather and the Michael from my father. Looking through the antcestors, Nicholas and Micheal seemed favorites. My grandfathers family were from North County Dublin, Swords. They owned most of the land there and like most Lowndes before them they were famers and land owners. I’ve just started doing this so, you’ll have to bare with me. According to my father, our side of the family came from Yorkshire. The real ironic thing of it is, I have being living in Leeds, Yorkshire for the last 15 years and only found this out last year. I was again told, I don’t know if this is true the it was a member of the clergy who sowed his oats in Ireland that started our side!!!! I know from reading documents that there was a Rev. Lowndes in Yorkshire!!! Now I see from what some people are saying that we are decendents of Normans, well this could be true, but again I’ve being told by my family that we were dutch royalty at one time or knights of old!!! My grandfather Nicholas Lowndes had two older brothers, I’ve yet to find out their names, they sold the land in Swords when he was young and like some Lowndes in the clan they drank and gambled most if not all the money. My grandfarther never spoke to them much after that. So, instead of being a famer he had to look for employment and found it at Dublin airport when it opened in 1936, he was one of the first employees there and remained there for the rest of his working life. If you go to the main graveyard in Swords you’ll see all the Lowndes from our clan there. There are two things I would like to know…..1 How our family got to Swords from Yorkshire and 2 How our family got to Yorkshire. Any help welcome.


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  1. hi, maybe a very very very distant cousin through an american line found through a fluitt line that married a lowndes named catherine in cheshire, england in 1698.

  2. I see that your grandfather is from Connors lane from the above article.

  3. I would rather not say. William would be about 80 years old now. I would like if you could tell me all you know about him. He was reared in Connor’s Lane, a cottage just at the corner of Main Street. I was looking at the 1911 census. If you say your his second cousin, you must live in Miltonsfields. Am I right?….
    How old are you if you mind me asking?….

  4. Hi Ciaran,

    I don’t know of Bill myself but I’m sure me Da will know. More than likely he’ll be my second cuz. Why do you want to know in anyway, if youn don’t mind me asking!

    And to dear Anne, thank you so much for your contribution. Its being really helpful. I’m trying to get intouch with one of me uncle who has apparently done a family tree on the Swords family. So, fingers crossed.

    Also, heres a point of fact for you all. William Lowndes (1 November 1652 – 20 January 1724) was Secretary to the Treasury of Great Britain under King William III and Queen Anne,
    He remained a Member of Parliament for many years, and served as chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means, becoming known throughout Britain as “Ways and Means Lowndes”. I suppose we can tank him for our family motto!

    The expression “Take care of the pence(Penny’s), and the pounds will take care of themselves” is attributed to him.

    Its nice to know we coined a phrase that everybody throughout modern world now use!!!

    Speak to yeh all soon, cheerio for now.


  5. Sorry I wasn’t of much help to you . I’d advise you go to the his family home in Swords. He has a large family living there. The other two people are definately relations of his.

  6. Hi Ciaran.
    I have not seen Bill in more than 25 years. He used to drive lorrys like myself. You’re right, he did live there. I didn’t know him too well.

  7. Hello, I would like to if you know of a Bill Lowndes, who is known as “Fluery” who also lived just off the main street of Swords. I guess he must be a relation of yours , could you please tell me about him.

  8. Hi Clinton,

    My maiden name was Lowndes. I have a feeling that the Nicholas Lowndes, your grandfather might be my first cousin. His father was Thomas Lowndes and his mother was Bridget. They lived in what we called ‘Lowndes’ Lane’ off the main street of Swords.

    Think he might have had two brothers – Tommy (known as ‘Long’ Tommy) and a brother called ‘Skinny – not sure what his correct name was (typical Swords!) I remember sisters called Queenie and Connie. I am 73 years old and was the second youngest child of John Lowndes – a brother of Thomas. Unfortunately all my siblings are now dead.

    There are lots of Lowndes’s still living around north county Dublin. My family lived in Swords (Dublin Road) as did alll of my aunts and uncles – Henry (Forest Road, Swords), Thomas (if he is your great-grandfather) was known to us as ‘Uncle Tosh’.
    My uncle Pat was electrocuted in the 40’s at a big house owned by Tom Long where the Fingal County Council now have their offices (County Hall). Nicholas fought at Galipoli where he lost an arm. After the first world war he settled in Liverpool and has grandchildren living in England.There were three sisters – Bridget who never married, Mary Jane who reared her siblings after the mother died and left my father (the youngest, aged 2, I think). Mary Jane died in 1929 and is buried in the Church of Ireland Graveyard on Church Road, Swords, and Hannah who married Jess McKittrick and lived on The Green in Swords where her daughter-in-law and children still live.

    There were nine in my family. Three of them emigrated to England in the 40’s and 50’s and have children and grandchildren living there. (Stockport, Leamington Spa)
    My brother John lived at Lowndes’ Lane!, Stockport and died in 1996. My nieces still live around Stockport.

    There are romantic and non-romantic tales of our arrival in Swords, North County Dublin. The local historian Bernadette Marks at Swords Library says that we came with the Normans and are descended from a Bishop DeLoundres who was enthroned (what a lovely image!!) at Swords Castle. Apparently there is a stained-glass window in situ in the Castle which is being restored by Fingal County Council. My 11 year-old granddaughter visited it last week and was very impressed by the fact that this window could be a reminder of our illustrious ancestor.

    The names Miichael, Nicholas, Thomas, John, Anne and Frances seem to run through our families and it is a bit of a pain trying to connect because in my generation there were about 4 Thomas Lowndes’s – all with differentiate – ‘Long’, ‘Big’ ‘Soldier’.

    Yes, they did own half of Swords but alas, somewhere along the way it dissipated by whatever means.

    For further information please contact –

    Pre-1900 parish records now on line at

    Best of luck in your search.

    Yours in blood (hopefully)

    Anne Lowndes Lawler

  9. Hi Clinton
    Hope someone can help! For a more general intro to the Lowndes family please visit the Lowndes pages (Lowndes on the Web under Links)

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