William Lownds | July 20th, 2007 at 6:43 pm

Hello. Wonderful web site just full of historical information. There is a small pocket of Lownds in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada dating back to just after the founding of Halifax in 1749. I am amazed at the interest in following the Lownds family tree.

4 thoughts on “William Lownds | July 20th, 2007 at 6:43 pm

  1. I have a lot of information on Caleb Pancoast Lownes who was the son of James Lownes and Sarah Donaldson. He did not die at the Alamo in 1835! He doed in California in either 1891 or 1901. He is buried in Upper Lake, Lake County, CA next to his wife Sophronia Applegate to whom he was married in 1845 in MO. They had a large family and their descendents are scattered all over California.

    I do not believe that his father had a half brother. His grandparents were James Lownes and Sarah Pancoast.

    I would love to talk to you if you have time. My phone is 6618674903


  2. John Woodhouse (1731 – 1812) had a flourishing fishing business in the Isle of Man during the late 1750’s and on into the 60’s.

    Is there any possible connection with your Thomas Woodhouse?


  3. Looking for info. on Caleb Pancoast Lownes (Lowndes) that supports the tale of he drove beef catle to the Alamo and died there in 1835. He is the son of Sarah Donaldson (niece of Betsy Ross) and James Lownes (half-brother of Charles McCord).

    Any info. you have to share would be most appreciated!

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