From Richard Cranton | March 18th, 2007

My mother’s father was one William Lowndes born in 1895 his father was also William from Cheadle, Stafford however both he and several of the generations before him spelt the surname LOWNDS.

I don’t know why my grandfather decided to change the spelling or if it was always spelt LOWNDS.

Having read about William Lowndes the Highway Man I do wonder if the family decided to change the spelling of the surname for a while!

Any body got any ideas?


4 thoughts on “From Richard Cranton | March 18th, 2007

  1. Hi Sharon, it would be great if you could scan some pages of the account – that way we can put them on the website here and ask people to translate it for us!

  2. Hi there,
    I have had a handwritten journal in my possession ever since I was little. The title page shows the inscription: “Sarah Anne Lowndes. from her affectionate father M.D. Lowndes. May 1841”. From what I have been able to gather from snooping online is that he was a solicitor in Liverpool. The handwritten accounts are rather beautiful, but very hard to read. Some drawings and etches are in there as well. I would love to know more of the family and history. And am trying to note down the handwritten entries.

  3. hi, I am a lowndes and my fathers family came from the staffordshire area in the Uk my grandfather was called Jacob and my father was called Jack and he had a sister called Peggy. I understand from the family history that the Lowndes of the area ran a photography business.

    Hope this helps!!!!



  4. my grandfather spelled his name william loundes he died in baltimore md. in the early 40’s he was my paternal grandfather. he had 1 daughter ,shirley helen loundes,she turned 73yrs may 2000 .his wife was helen marie loundes,also there are 3 of in portsmouth va. numberous grands and great grands. he had another son and daugther. wilbur and elizabeth loundes,both deceased they have many children living in md.

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