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Furiously working to get ready for research trip to Philadelphia and surrounding counties for our elusive Levis connection.Mifflin Levis (Butler Co., PA who settled in Tama Co., IA) is my husband’s direct line. I’ve found Mifflin’s father Curtis and grandfather John but am looking for more pieces to the puzzle. Tonight I found a reference in George B. Lownes will (Delaware Co, PA) which mentions Levis and Pancoast names. Especially Curtis Levis sone of Edward.

I’ll be delighted to send along my Levis results, if you think we fit into your clan. Might be too early to know that yet!


One thought on “From Gail Ann Hodges Levis | glevis AT

  1. I too, am in the Levis line Curtis, father of Mifflin. There is a Curtis Levis buried in Eldbrooke Cemetery in Washington,DC. That is the only curtis Levis I have found buried so far. I am leaning more towards this Curtis being the one I am looking for. I recently starting believing that Samuel III is the father of John Levis and leads to the rest of the Mifflin Levis line. If anyone has any additional info documentation let me know. I have copies of the deeds that mention John,Curtis,Hosea,Cassandra,Johnston Knight and his wife Tamsen.

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