From Kathryn Lowndes, Cheshire, UK (October 2006)

I have only just started looking into the family name but I am intrigued my the number of entries and references I can see to Cheshire so was wondering if anyone knew anything of a Robert Lowndes born in Cheshire in the early twentieth century and any family links to him dating back further?

I’m sure there were quite a few, Kathryn. Robert is a popular name in the family, and the family distribution is centred on Cheshire – any more specific information might help. [Mike]


7 thoughts on “From Kathryn Lowndes, Cheshire, UK (October 2006)

  1. Hi
    My Lowndes ancestors are Catherine Lowndes who married Samuel Fluitt 30/7/1698 in Frodsham, Cheshire.
    Catherine Lowndes iis the daughter of Randle Lowndes of Moulton, Cheshire which comes under the parish Church of St Wilfred, Davenham.
    Catherine Lowndes brother was Roger Lowndes who died in Moulton in 1712 and her father was Randle Lowndes who died in 1704 in Moulton., Cheshire.
    Randle Lowndes in 1690 and Roger Lowndes were churchwardens at St Wilfred Parish Church Davenham.
    Both Randle Lowndes and Roger Lowndes were yeoman and Samuel Fluitt who died in 1718 was a Gentleman.
    I have found a Thomas Lowndes of Moulton, Cheshire who died in 1686 and a Randle Lowndes of Moulton, Cheshire who died in 1617, Both men were Yeomans and could well be my direct line fiurther back in history
    I have come across different ways of spelling Lowndes ie Lownds and Lounds
    Any help tracing the family back further most appreciated


  2. Hi,
    my maiden name was Lowndes and I am the daughter of Edward Lowndes who was born in Stafford 1930.
    My grandfather Henry William Lowndes was in Marston ,Stafford 1896 and my great grandfather was Henry Lowndes born 1876 at Seighford nr. Stafford.

    I am also aunt to Kathryn Lowndes of Ashford!!
    I think we have some links with the Cheshire Lowndes’s but not sure how.
    If anyone can provide any information that would be great.

    many thanks

  3. hi I have been researching my family lowndes on my mothers side, my lowndes seems to have come from around staffordshire and cheshire and part of the family moved up to bradford yorkshire the family that moved up to bradford is my mothers line, my grandma was alice lowndes born 1900 and her father was joseph lowdnes jnr it was his father that moved up to bradford i believe that joseph lowdes snrs father stayed in staffordshire i would be interested to here from anybody that is lowndes i have a lot of gaps my family tree is on user name boxey_1 if anyone is interested in looking at the research I have already done

  4. I’m am also a Kathryn Lowndes. I come from Ashford, UK. I’ve also been looking into family history and have found quite far back, with the help of my fathers cousin. I cannot remember his name, anyway he is an exceedingly boring man. 🙂

  5. hi kathryn
    i’m a lowndes who has traced my paternal family back to the late 16th Century in and around Wolstanton, Staffs. It seems likely that one of my ancestors migrated from nearby south east Cheshire to work in the early potteries (pre- Industrial Revolution). I know that there were four main family groups of Lowndes in the C16. Mine in North Staffs, a group in Manchester, a noble branch in Buckinghamshire and a group around the original family seat in South Cheshire. Seems likely you would be a descendent of the last group.

    hope that helps

  6. Sandra, wondering if there is a William Lowndes b. abt 1770 or his wife Anne b. unk in that graveyard. Their daughter Mary Ann married a William Bull at some point. They were in the silk business. Thanks!

  7. Whilst researching last week for another name in Astbury churchyard (Cheshire) near Sandbach, I found a number of Lowndes’ tombs. We have a Hannah Lowndes in our tree (b 1791), so was interested. They are all in the 1700-1800s so I am unsure if you are interested. Let me know, and I will send you details.

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